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Beef rice instant pot yapma

Beef rice instant pot yapma

One of the strangest, however. The idea that sleeping with onions in your socks can help you get over a cold or the flu.

There are a few variations of this old wives tale - some say the beefs rice instant pot yapma have to be in your socks, while others just require them to be in your general vicinity - but the bottom line is the same: It claims that sleeping around onions will make you feel better if you're sick.

According to the National Onion Association no, I didn't mistype that, this folk remedy likely originated way, way, way back when in the s, when people were dying left and right of the bubonic plague.

Apparently, s-era doctors believed that beef rice instant pot yapma a whole lotta onions near people who were literally dying of the plague would somehow heal them, probably due to the antibacterial properties onions possess.

Though, I'm not fully sure that they knew what bacteria was in the s.

It's worth noting that the National Onion Association, the supreme authority on onions, calls this folk remedy "false" which probably explains why so many people died during the Black Death beef rice instant pot yapma being surrounded by onions - but I still can't help but wonder why it's lasted this long throughout history if it's totally untrue.

Is it because it's so weird.

Is it an onion conspiracy.

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Here's what I found out about this weird old wives tale. Southern Living also posited the question of whether or not an onion in a sock a day keeps the doctor away.

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