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Best smoked rib eye steak recipe

Best smoked rib eye steak recipe

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For this recipe, I scored made shallow cuts the boiled eggs, marinated them in tikka-masala style spices, lemon and garlic masala. Then, pan fried to seal in the same tikka flavor in eggs.

It will even be more delicious if eggs are sliced in half or quartered.

Most people who try this tell me it's the best steak they have every had. Obviously that's a small sample of people, but it does tell me this is very. For good reason, rib eyes are the favorite steaks of many a discriminating meat I found this bourbon butter recipe and I truly believe it was the best steak ever! Traeger Ribeye. Let's face it, Ribeye is one of the best cuts of beef, and one of the most requested cuts of steak available at your local butcher.

I fried those whole for better pictures. Tikka masala is very simple yet flavor-packed tomato-based sauce.

I hate it when some restaurants try to over-think it with lots of oil, and sugar.

Best smoked rib eye steak recipe

Few weeks ago, we ordered tikka masala from a local Indian restaurant. I was so disappointed to see sauce swimming in red oil and tasted like sugary-tomato-jam. I feel bad for everyone who will eat that sauce and think that's what Tikka masala is.

The real sauce will have a deep orange-red hue, just a little shine of oil no oil swimming pool, silky and smooth consistency due to touch of cream, very subtle sweetness, and flavor of spices coming through in every bite.

Best smoked rib eye steak recipe

If it is anything else than this. It is not a Tikka Masala sauce. Best is to make best smoked rib eye steak recipe at home.

In this recipe, I have added some cashew paste for richness.

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Tikka masala is so simple, I even have a 5 ingredient shortcut Tikka Masala Sauce recipe to make it with limited Indian pantry. Naans or Chapati: You did not see this coming.

Honestly, tikka masala or egg curry For that matter, any curry dinner is in-complete without side of a rustic Indian style bread such as naan or chapati wheat flat bread.

There is something extra delicious about scooping gravy with flat bread.

So make some at home or buy some to serve on the best smoked rib eye steak recipe. If you wondering to try some more Indian Egg Recipes or just want to learn, how to make egg curry.

I have few delicious recipes to explore:. Instead, it was through a group of young buddies who, like me, just love being in the outdoors.

For that reason, just about everything I know about the game came from trial and error, including hunting, shooting, cleaning, cooking and eating ducks and geese.

Needless to say, lots of mistakes were made. In fact, the more I learn about our game of choice, the more I realize how little most hunters know and understand about various aspects of waterfowling.

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