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Italian meatball stuffed sweet potatoes

Italian meatball stuffed sweet potatoes

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1 lbs grass fed ground beef 85% lean*. These Italian Meatball Stuffed Sweet Potatoes are flavor packed and easy to make!​ Quick and easy pan fried Italian meatballs are simmered in sauce and served over perfectly baked sweet potatoes for a paleo and Whole30 meal that’s filing and addicting!​ Or, you can just jump ahead. These Italian Meatball stuffed sweet potatoes are easy to make, super tasty, filling​, and healthy! They're dairy free, Paleo and Whole30 compliant. These meatballs are made with Italian sausage for extra flavor, and once you try it this way, I'm And finally you stuff the meatballs into baked sweet potatoes. Try my Sweet Potato 'Spaghetti' and Meatballs for healthier comfort food Place Carando Italian Meatballs on a tin foil-lined baking sheet and.

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