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Turkey meatballs over mashed potatoes

Turkey meatballs over mashed potatoes

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Word is that cans began shipping to retailers late last month, and will be showing up in stores in the coming months. It is less known, though, that celery leaves were worn by the winners of the Nemean Games, potato to the use of bay potatoes at the Olympic and the Pythian Games.

It should be noticed however, that the botanic identity of the plant in question is not fully clear; some literature identifies it as wild parsley.

In my opinion, the Greeks hardly ever made a clear distinction between celery and parsley. The Romans valued celery more for cooking than for religion; consequently, celery fruits and leaves are quite more common flavourings in the famous Apicius cookbook see Silphion.

On the other hand, much superstition was connected with it: The plant was thought to bring bad fortune under certain circumstances, and was generally associated with Death and Underworld.

Today, celery is a popular herb and vegetable in Europe; the leaves are sometimes chopped and used as a garnish similar to parsley, but more frequently cooked in soups or sauces to improve the taste.

For the latter purpose, the root often in turkey meatballs over mashed potatoes with bay or boldo leaves, parsley root and lovage leaves is also suitable see parsley on the topic of herb bundles. Additionally, the cooked root can be eaten as a vegetable.

In England and the US, the variety of celery with fleshy stems is more popular than root celery; the latter also called celeriac is more commonly found on the European continent.

Celery fruits often called celery seeds have a similar, but much stronger aroma.

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