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How to make pork chops in skillet monster

How to make pork chops in skillet monster

Nov 11, Easy electric skillet boneless pork chops: I love this method because it keeps the heat in my kitchen to a minimum. These chops were so juicy​. This BBQ Pork Chop & Stuffing Skillet is great for weeknights. It couldn't be easier to make and is ready to serve in just 20 minutes. Here's how you make a pork chop that can truly rival a great steak at home: Brine it with brown sugar, pan-fry it, and then baste it with butter.

Ethics approval was granted by University Hospital of the West Indies Ethics Committee and conducted in accordance with its rules and regulations. Recruitment took place between February and March during which subjects were screened for any illness at the University of the West Indies Health Center.

Anthropometric data and lifestyle factors were derived from questionnaires.

Smokers, overweight, and obese individuals were excluded from the study. Emphasis was how to make pork chops in skillet monster on subjects who were healthy, with an active lifestyle, without any diagnosed diseases, and not on prescribed medication.

During the study, subjects were advised to continue their customary daily activities without any change in their physical activities.

The proximate compositions of the sweet potatoes were determined using the standard AOAC methods [ 18 ] and the available carbohydrate content calculated by difference [ 13, 19 ]. Samples used for the GI studies were thoroughly washed then cooked by boiling, roasting, baking, or frying on the day of glycemic index testing [ 14 ].

Foods processed by frying were peeled and cut into 50 grams wet weight available carbohydrate portions.

They were then cut to 10 mm thickness sweet potato wedges and submerged in preheated, cholesterol-free vegetable cooking oil Lider Brand, manufactured in Jamaica, until slightly brown.

Foods processed by roasting were washed and cooked skin intact using preheated charcoal for 45 minutes in an open system.

Foods processed by boiling were washed, peeled, and cut into 25 mm slices.

They were then cooked in water gentle boiling with the lid of the cooking vessel on for 20 minutes, followed by simmering heat lid of cooking vessel off for a further 10 minutes.

After the boiling process, the available carbohydrate content was determined, to assess the loss of sugars that may have occurred during how to make pork chops in skillet monster.

The foods were then cut into 50 grams available carbohydrate portions, required for GI analysis.

How to make pork chops in skillet monster

Glycemic Index Experimental Design A randomized cross-over study design was conducted with 10 healthy nondiabetic subjects 5 males and 5 females. Fifty grams 50 g available carbohydrate portions of the test foods were administered to the subjects on separate mornings after a 10-hour overnight fast.

For individual subjects the tests were given 4 days apart [ 13 ].

Subjects were asked not to perform any strenuous activities, take long walks, or consume alcohol on the day of glycemic index determination.

They were asked to remain seated for the duration of the test. Test meals were consumed within 10 minutes and supplemented with mL of water.

Capillary pricked-finger blood samples were taken drops at baseline 0 mins, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, and minutes after the meal was consumed.

The incremental areas under the curve IAUC, excluding the area beneath the fasting level, was calculated geometrically [ 16 ].

The GI was how to make pork chops in skillet monster calculated by expressing the glycemic response area for the sweet potato as a percentage of the mean response area of the reference food glucose taken by the same subjects [ 16 ].

Statistical analyses were performed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences version The changes in blood glucose levels after consumption of the different sweet potato varieties by time interval were analyzed by repeated-measurement analysis of variance ANOVA and Duncan's multiple range tests.

The carbohydrate content of the unprocessed sweet potato tubers ranged from Dietary fiber content of the ten varieties also differed significantly ranging from 2.

Table 1 Proximate composition of 10 unprocessed Jamaican sweet potato Ipomoea batatas cultivars g.

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How to make pork chops in skillet monster

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