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Stuffed green pepper recipe food network

Stuffed green pepper recipe food network

One note is to always look for a no sugar added or lower sugar ketchup if you can.

Stuffed green pepper recipe food network

Regular ketchup tends to have a lot of sugar. If you want to avoid ketchup altogether, you could use tomato sauce instead and taste before adding it to the crockpot to see if you need more vinegar or spices. You can also add a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste if you like lots of tomato flavor in your barbecue sauce. It depends on what kind of turkey you are cooking.

For a recipe using turkey breast without the skin and bone, it will only take hours on low in the slow cooker depending on the size of the turkey breast.

For quicker cooking, you can cut the turkey breast into smaller chunks.

For a skin on and bone-in turkey breast, it will take closer to 8 hours to cook it in the crockpot.

If you like things spicy, add some pickled jalapenos as well. Barbecue Turkey Quesadillas: This makes the best quesadilla filling. I like to fill a low carb tortilla with mozzarella, sliced red onion, cilantro, and this turkey for a spin on a barbecue chicken pizza.

For heat, serve with your favorite hot sauce, Sriracha, or chipotle peppers. Barbecue Turkey Hash: Hash is one of my go-to meals when I have to clean out the fridge.

Add tons of veggies like sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, zucchini, corn and then stir in the turkey. Top with some crumbled goat cheese or a fried egg.

Pulled Turkey Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: I love the combination of barbecue sauce with sweet potatoes so I usually end up stuffing leftovers in a baked sweet potato.

Usually I will serve a big green salad on the side to get some veggies.

Recipe of the Day: 5-Star Stuffed Summer Vegetables - Food Network

Barbecue Turkey and Ranch Chopped Salad: Make a chopped salad using romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, black beans, and corn. Top with this tender barbecue turkey and skinny ranch dressing. BBQ Turkey Burrito Bowls: Start with brown or white rice, black beans or pinto beans, then add veggies, corn, the pulled turkey, and pile with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese for a southern spin on a classic burrito bowl.

Barbecue Turkey Pizzas: Everyone loves a barbecue chicken pizza so why not make one with turkey instead.

Grab your favorite homemade or store stuff green pepper recipe food network pizza crust, spread on some of the barbecue sauce, turkey, red onions, and cheese. Then top with fresh cilantro. Can I freeze slow cooker turkey breast.

This crockpot turkey will keep in the freezer after it has been cooked.

Make sure to store it with plenty of sauce. The best way to stuff green pepper recipe food network it is to place it in the fridge the night before and let it thaw out overnight. It can also be defrosted in the microwave on low power so it doesn't dry out. Can I make this with chicken instead.

You can use boneless skinless chicken breast or thighs.

If you decide to use chicken breasts, make sure to only stuff green pepper recipe food network them for hours on low so they don't become dry.

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Can I make this with prepared barbecue sauce. If you don't want to make your own sauce, you can use your favorite store bought option instead.

You will need about 1. Look for one that is low in sugar and doesn't contain lots of hard to pronounce ingredients to keep things light and healthy.

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Share This Recipe. Robert Irvine's Stuffed Peppers from Food Network are loaded with hearty red and green peppers and continue to cook until.

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