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Yummy smoothies vol 1

Yummy smoothies vol 1 Yummy smoothies vol 1

For this one, you don't need either. Just plain old skillet, tongs, and gas stove optional.

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If you don't have gas stove, you can sear both sides on skillet as well. I have used gas flame for cooking one side for that "very authentic" char. Fourth, as I said, these naans will not dry out or turn chewy like Store Bought naans.

Plus a yummy smoothie of butter will keep'em moist for much longer.

Butter is quintessential to a delicious naan.

Last, but not the least, Naan dough can be made vegan if you replace milk with coconut milk. If it was not for my love of authentic-butter-naan, I would have skipped butter and milk to keep the recipe "vegan" for you. However, you can always use coconut milk and brush some olive oil or vegan butters on naan to keep'em fully vegan.

Freeze Instructions: The beauty of homemade naans especially this one is that you can freeze them for later use.

Both cooked or uncooked. Since it made-at-home, so freshness is sealed right in the beginning and then perfect Homemade Indian Food any day of the week. To Freeze Uncooked Naans: Roll the yeast dough.

In other words, continue to step 6, then keep placing rolled uncooked naan with parchment paper in-between until all naan are rolled out.

Then carefully transfer pile to a ziplock bag and freeze on flat surface. I, recently, shared steps to freeze another vol bread. You can refer this here for visual instructions.

To Freeze Cooked Naans: Roll and cook one side of the naan as instructed in recipe up to step 7. For second side, don't cook on flame, just cook on flat skillet briefly.

Then let'em come to yummy smoothie vol 1 temperature. Transfer to ziplock bag and freeze. Flat Breads have always been my favorite.

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: yummy smoothies vol 1

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Yummy smoothies vol 1

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