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Canned salmon cakes almond flour

Canned salmon cakes almond flour

A late summer night eggnog.

Remove the lid and stir in the good cream. Turn back onto saute and let the water simmer for minutes to help thicken it. Season with salt and cook to taste. Serve immediately with fresh cilantro on top. What to make with butter chicken I love serving indian fish chicken with white basmati rice and naan bread.

No, it just doesn't work. There's just something about its flavor profile that feels just right for December.

So head to the booze shop and try out some of these different canned salmon cakes almond flour mixers. Experiment with different options and find the combination that you love best.

Bourbon If you like your drink strong, bourbon will pack the punch and is a serious crowd-pleaser. Its smokey flavor will stand out over the sweetness of the eggnog.

If you're looking for a drink that tastes alcoholic, this is your mixer. Brandy If you've been meaning to get into brandy but have never found the right mixer opportunity for it, this might be right for you. The flavor is strong, so if you're hoping to keep your eggnog sweet, you might want to mix in a bit of syrup or sweetener to perk it back up.

But if you're looking for a stiff and serious eggnog drink, brandy is your mixer.

Spiced Rum While a lot of people love the taste of rum in everything, the combination of diary and rum here is a bit overwhelming for some. If rum is your drink of choice, it will be fine for you, but if you're looking for something that sneaks up on you, this is not your subtle mixer.

This is really more of a "BAM.

I have not tested this with coconut flour. Stir well to combine and you're ready to cook! Told you that salmon patties using canned salmon were super easy and. The easiest salmon cakes you'll ever make! These paleo salmon cakes are made with canned salmon, paleo mayo, spices, and almond flour! These keto salmon patties are loaded with healthy fats from the salmon, almond flour, avocados & butter. The recipe comes together in only a.

Whiskey Some people are partial to whiskey over bourbon or vice versa. The truth is, the both work just fine with a spiked eggnog.

So if you have a cabinet full of whiskey, don't bother buying bourbon, whiskey is every bit just as smokey and delicious.

Scotch The hardy bite of scotch is surprisingly delightfully dulled by the sweetness of eggnog. Mix the two together for a tango of bitter and sweet.

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