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Caramel apple crumb muffins

Caramel apple crumb muffins

Served with pita bread.

Topped with an avocado sauce and plantain chips. Topped with crushed Marcona almonds and smoked honey.

Seasoned ground Angus beef, pork and Spanish chorizo. Served in a wine tomato sauce. Topped with Manchego cheese snow.

Lightly breaded, flaky pastries stuffed and seasoned.

Start your morning with Caramel Apple Crumble Muffins, the perfect morning treat​, topped with the perfect crumble topping and caramel drizzle! Soft and crumbly apple muffins topped with a cinnamon crumb and sinfully delicious salted caramel. The perfect fall indulgence! Apple muffins, with a brown sugar crumble topping and a surprise salted caramel filling! These caramel apple muffins are one of my favorite fall recipes. It's a cinnamon apple muffin with a crumble topping and an easy caramel.

Served with chipotle sour cream. Topped with Serrano ham snow.

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Served over mashed potatoes. Served with tomatillo or chimichurri sauce.

Apple Crumble Muffins

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