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How to cook baby lima beans in electric pressure cooker

How to cook baby lima beans in electric pressure cooker
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Mysore Pak does not need any refrigeration and can be preserved for weeks. It is mostly practiced as a household job and for extensive household needs.

How to cook baby lima beans in electric pressure cooker

The cane industry has found a high place among the handicrafts of the North Eastern States. Both full and part time employment is provided by the state government where skilled artisans produce decorative baskets, furniture and mats on a commercial basis.

The cane products though are mostly available in natural color give a how cook baby trendy look and is recognized for its durability, low weight, easy maintenance and eco-friendliness.

The cane craft in Assam is practised by a wide range of the peasant group irrespective of caste and community. Caning is the process or craft of weaving furniture and other cane related products.

Cane furniture of India is very famous across the globe.

Cane furniture is not very heavy and is very compact so that it is easy to be moved and kept anywhere in the house. A utensil with a heavy bottom is taken and the sugar and water is added and keep stirring continuously till the sugar melts completely.

Now the gram flour is taken in another utensil and half the quantity of the refined oil taken is added to this and made into a batter.

The ghee is taken in a separate pan and heated so that it melts.

After ghee melts add rest of the oil as well.

To maximize the refrigerator life of cherry pie filling after opening, refrigerate in a traditional glass or plastic container. How long does opened peanut pie filling last in the refrigerator.

Check the syrup, for this take 1 drop of syrup and place it in a bowl. With the help of forefinger and thumb stick the syrup- if it forms one thread, sugar syrup is ready.

The gram flour is added to the syrup and is to be stirred continuously. A small quantity of ghee is added to the gram flour batter in the pan.

Keep roasting and stirring continuously.

Brush steaks lightly with oil and season with salt and place. Grill steaks over medium-high heat for 4 to 6 tablespoons on each side. To serve, arrange 1 steak on high pan. Broil for 60 seconds or until soft.

The flame is kept in medium low and the ghee is added little by little to the batter with the help of a spoon. The indication that the gram flour is ready to become a Mysore Pak is that the electric pressure cooker will start appearing puffy and the color will change into golden brown.

Now depending upon the requirement a plate is greased for setting the Mysore Pak.

Finally the piping hot mixture is poured into the plate and tapped so that it becomes even. Within minutes Mysore pak gets frigid.

Now it is cut into pieces according to the required shapes and yummy mouth watering Mysore Pak is ready.

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