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Vegan baked oatmeal with apples and

Vegan baked oatmeal with apples and

Smoky-sweet, totally filling, and very nutritious at the same time. Forward in the summer, I make batches twice a month and just starting the extras in the freezer for quick dinners when I'm explicitly late or don't feel like cooking.

For example, you fill your fryolator with a gallon or two of peanut oil and the first night you heat it and use it for cooking up a batch of onion rings in it. That counts as one use.

I don't think I'm baking today after all. My three is still waking up from the fridge. I sustain I maybe shouldn't be refrigerating it as it seems I'm baking more often - every 4 days the last few times and spending several hours waking up a cold start eats up part of a day. I accidentally learned to bake the much sought after extreme open crumb.

The next night you fry chicken wings in the same oil you fried the onion rings in, and that counts as two uses. After that you fry donuts for snacking in the same oil again, making it the third time you have used the oil. Then, you use the same oil a fourth time for frying corn fritters.

After the fourth time, you should replace all the oil and start fresh to prevent getting a rancid tasting oil.

If you plan on using the oil a bunch of times, make sure to choose refined peanut and. It has a longer fry life than unrefined one.

Please note that you should never fry food with a batch of peanut oil, wait a month in between, and and that same oil for frying more food later on. By the time you get to use the peanut oil again, it would have turned rancid.

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Therefore, if you are going to use peanut oil for frying, it is best to plan out a week where you are just going to make fried foods as a treat.

Apple Vegan Baked Oatmeal

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